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A new UNL Explorer has been developed and is provided at www.undl.org/unlexp/ and www.unl.undl.org/unlexp/ by the UNL Center.

The UNL Explorer is a UNL-based Multilingual Intelligent Information and Knowledge Management System.

The UNL Explorer provides users with an integrated environment that users can search for and edit knowledge and information based on UNL.

Using the UNL Explorer, search for information of UNL Encyclopedia can be made by content, keyword or keyconcept search, or though navigation of the UW System of the UNL Ontology

The UNL Explorer has the following characteristics:

Semantic Co-occurrence Relation Search

whether a relation between two UWs is true or not, what UWs can have a relation with another UW, or what relations are possible between two UWs can be verified based on the UNL Ontology.

UNL-based Semantic Network Search

Content search is carried out based on UNL Expressions.

Intensional Definition-based Inference

every UW is given an intentional definition to specify its all the essential properties. the definition is used in inference about all concepts it related.

Multilingual Information Processability

the UNL Explorer allows users to search for information described in whatever language using their native languages, or to provide or edit information using their native languages.

UNL Graphical Editability

A graphical editor of UNL Expressions works together with the UNL Explorer.

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Prof Tarcisio G. DELLA SENTA - President of UNDL Foundation, Chairman of the Board
Dr. Marcel BOIZARD - UN Assistant Secretary-General, Executive Director of UNITAR 2007.5 -
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Prof Hans VAN GINKEL - Rector of UNU
Prof A. H. ZAKRI - Director of UNU/IAS

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Prof Hideo AISO - President of Tokyo University of Technology 2001.1 - 2007.4
Ambassador Jose Israel VARGAS - Permanent Delegation of Brazil to UNESCO 2001.1 - 2007.4