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The UNL expressions provided in this web site are prepared by the following process: convert English texts into UNLs using English EnConverter (EnCo), edit the results (UNLs) if the graph is broken, verify the UNLs using English DeConverter (DeCo) and edit the UNLs if any problem (e.g. wrong UW or relation) detected by English deconversion. We are also trying to use Japanese DeCo for verification of the UNLs as different language DeCos may detect different type of mistakes, but this is not always guaranteed. Therefore, we are afraid that there may be still mistakes in the UNLs. We would appreciate it very much if you inform us whenever you find a mistake, we will make the correction immediately and update the UNL files. 

  • Ethics and Science

Original texts ( word )
UNL part1 (001-050 sen), 060224
UNL part2 (051-100 sen), 060403
UNL part3 (101-150 sen), 060822
UNL part4 (151-200 sen), 060823
UNL part5 (201-250 sen), 060814
UNL part6 (251-272 sen), 060817 (N.B. please refer to the comments attached to UNL-part8 of Tsunamis below)

  • Tsunamis

Original texts ( word )
UNL part1 (001-050 sen), updated 060616
UNL part2 (051-100 sen), updated 060609
UNL part3 (101-150 sen), 060522 (separated UNLs within [S] and [/S] can be dealt with using DeCos version 2006, which can be downloaded at http://www.undl.org/unlsys/ds.html )
UNL part4 (151-200 sen), 060111
UNL part5 (201-250 sen), 060112
UNL part6 (251-300 sen), 060116
UNL part7 (301-350 sen), 060126
UNL part8 (351-400 sen), 060202 ( N.B. this part mainly consists of UNLs of a bibliography (references), for example "Filonov A.E. (1997). Researchers study tsunami generated by Mexican earthquake. EOS, 78, 3, 21-25". One item of the bibliography is described in one UNL expression (graph), and every item is considered to describe a concept "the book (that ...)" and this concept is considered to be the main concept of each item. In order to describe the UNL expression of such an item, a NULL UW, however, is used to express the main concept of each item instead of using UW 'book(icl>document)'. And, UWs like 'write(agt>thing,obj>thing)', 'publish(agt>thing,obj>thing)', 'edit(agt>thing,obj>thing)', 'volume(icl>book)', 'page(icl>unit)', etc are introduced to construct the networks (graphs) of UNL expressions.  For deconversion, information about a bibliography should be given in a UNL document. What are necessary will be described in UNL 2006 soon.

  • 133 Books' Information (MARC21)

UNLs of titles, 051028
UNLs of subjects, 051027
UWs of Authors and Other Authors, 050929
UWs of Publishers, 050929

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